Ecstatic Relaxation: The Power of Guided Transformative Relaxation

Hi! I am Vin Charles, the creator of Ecstatic Relaxation, a meditation and hypnosis expert, and coach. Throughout my career, I have helped several women and men discover their body’s full potential and take their sexual life from mundane to ecstatic and pleasurable. I am a professionally trained Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mental and Emotional Release (MER) and I was given the chance to learn from some of the best coaches, hypnotists and healers in the world.

My passion is all about giving guidance to individuals and couples about how to take their experiences beyond convention and how to reconnect with their natural sexual energy. The audios I created are powerful tools that are able to improve one’s ability to be more responsive to sexual pleasure and transmit this positive vibe from the bedroom to even other areas of their lives.

What I love most is to see the impact my work creates in women’s lives by showing them the way to discover their most confident, powerful self as well as to let go of old inhibitions they might be holding onto. Many of these women have come back to tell me that they have tried several different audios before which had no objective other than an erotic voice. Many say that my audioss are the only ones that let them experience hands-free orgasm and the kind of pleasure they didn’t even know that exists.


Guided relaxation: An Invisible Guide to Pleasure and Wild Ecstasy

Few people know that all pleasure starts and ends in the mind as our brain is our number one sexual organ. The difficulty of experiencing sexual pleasure starts in our head and very often there are emotional blocks and disempowering beliefs that stand in the way between a person and their big “Ah-a moment”. Experiencing sensuality takes being completely present in a given moment without pondering over the past or worrying about things that might happen in the future.

Guided relaxation is able to calm the mind and activate the pleasure center of the brain while it releases stress from the body in order to improve responsiveness. I give a gentle guidance in my audios that allows the listener’s body to respond to the natural cues that occur in the most sensual and profound way. When the mind is quiet, it is able to speak to all the other body parts and create an enhance ability to feel sensation.

Similar to meditation and positive hypnosis techniques, guided relaxation is a flow of suggestions and instructions that helps one enter into a state in which their unconscious mind is open to respond. This way, the listener can bring dormant sources of energy to the surface from the pleasure center of their brain and become more connected with their body. I see it as a beautiful, trusting game between a guiding voice and the listener which can lead my clients to eye-opening experiences and positive change. It creates a whole new perspective on sex, pleasure, and what a woman or a man is able to accomplish in bed.

I have a unique approach which is based on reaching a mentally and physically relaxed state using the right language patterns and a tone of voice that comforts my clients. It is a safe and powerful technique trusted by thousands of women and men who experienced a breakthrough with my audios and later expressed their gratitude to me.

They have told me that:

“This was one of the most fulfilling and transformational sessions I have ever had.”

“I didn’t expect to feel everything quite so intensely.”

“One thing that surprised me was of how open to new fantasies he was, (…) he responded to my emails in a positive view”

What makes my method really safe is that any control given up in the beginning of the session is handed back to the listener in the end and they have the option to pop out at any given moment. Just like during meditation, they will be able to recall everything that happens while they are in this relaxed, conscious state of mind. It makes the whole process effortless, ecstatic and enjoyable.


The Science of Pleasure and Well-Being

Stress and anxiety are the number one cause of health problems in today’s society and, unfortunately, it includes our sexual health as well. According to a recent study, women whose cortisol levels exceed a certain amount can become physically incapable of orgasm, just like it is the reason behind erectile dysfunction for men.

Meditation and guided relaxation practises can move the mind away from the fight or flight state and they are able to reduce cortisol levels. Research shows that they also enhance dopamine and serotonin production which are the bliss chemicals of the body. Once these hormones create the desirable balance, the listener of these audios can build up a higher sense of arousal and increase the intensity of her orgasms.

Another important effect of ecstatic relaxations is that it creates a shift from left brain thinking to right brain activity. We go through most of our days with using predominantly our left brain which reviews past events and plans the future for us. However, at the same time, it prevents us from being fully present. Both brain activities are important, but we can only experience pleasure and reach to the point of orgasm in the now. Guided relaxation balances out the two hemispheres of the brain and so it teaches the mind to be more present and responsive.

Another benefit of meditative practices lies in the fact that they activate mirror neurons. According to science, these neurons can make us more intuitive towards another person and enable us to feel what they feel. Simply watching someone else being pleasured or listening to the right words of instruction can create pleasure in the brain and guided relaxation increases mirror neuron functioning that makes it much easier.

Solo Games and Joint Ventures

No matter what age you are (as long as you are 18+) or how much experience you have, whether you are single, in a relationship or married, my audios will allow you to go beyond the typical boundaries of intimacy & pleasure. If you are going in by yourself, it will be a journey of rediscovering your sexuality and a new, vibrant energy that may even attract the right person in your life. After all, your vibe goes beyond the walls of your bedroom…

If you are in a relationship, you have the choice to involve your partner and bring revival into the physical and emotional connection between the two of you. I have helped several couples to have better sexual responses and improve their sexual vitality. The men who participated in my coaching sessions could never imagine that saying one word is enough to make their partner come to a point of complete ecstasy. Women whom I coached to learn how to be multi-orgasmic have taken their sexual life to a whole different level and it made their partners enjoy intercourse even more. It all begins with the realization that it is possible.

I believe that women need to find more time for themselves to fulfil their innate desires and it is important that they put themselves first. By going through my guided relaxation sessions, they are able to realize that they have the right and the ability to feel incredible in their body without needing anybody else. That’s why I guide women to become fully sexually responsive so they can open their senses any time they desire and increase their level of satisfaction – even if their lover is not as skilled just yet as they would like him to be.

These audios can help heal the lack of sexual desire as it gives the listener the empowering feeling of being incredible in bed and experiencing longer and better quality orgasms. It all starts with a single step: taking the time for yourself that you deserve.


A Revolution of the Senses: There is No Turning Back

The effect these audios have on one’s sexual life and overall well-being is simply beautiful, if not life-changing. Once you discover your full sexual potential you will be able to experience long lasting, better quality orgasms with a higher frequency and intensity.

Oftentimes, the only thing that prevents people from a mindblowing experience in bed is the lack of awareness that it is possible. The day you overcome your personal limitations and resolve your emotional blocks with the help of my audios and/or coaching sessions, you can literally become a different person. They say that mediocre sex with microsecond orgasms (or none) is worse than not having sex at all, as it extinguishes the natural desire and passion that lies within all of us. I totally agree with that.

When you discover the difference between an average climax and a powerful, whole-body orgasm you will never want to go back to normal. You will find joy in losing control and have a memorable experience while falling in love with your own body all over again. This will improve your connection with yourself and the intimacy with your present or future partners.

I try to make every audio unique, and there are endless possibilities that open up even after participating in your very first session with me. I give space to manifest any hidden fantasies and you will soon realize that desire can come naturally to you any time you want it. You will enjoy losing control and taking over again, which will blend into a beautiful and exciting dance between complementing energies.

What most people don’t realize is that this transformation does not only take place in the bedroom, but it expands into all other areas of one’s life. After a few sessions, you will soon notice that your self-image has improved and when you look into the mirror, a whole new, more confident person will look back at you. As you eliminate psychological blocks that prevent you from carefree happiness, you will feel more attractive and you will vibrate this beautiful energy that will naturally bring the right person closer to you.

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy because it is able to transform into a strong drive and creative energy in other parts of your life as well. Orgasms and pleasure help release chemicals in the body that will persist as a feel-good state throughout your whole day. When you express your true sexual nature, it creates a balance between your hormones and you will be able to release stress easier and improve your overall well-being.

Listening to these audios is a powerful experience of the senses and it opens the door for new possibilities and a new awareness of the body. It’s time to let go of the ordinary and embrace a whole new level of pleasure and a sexual revival.

I am here to guide you through this journey.

With Love,

Vin Charles