Testimonials for Ecstatic Relaxation & Vin Charles

Have you listened to one of my audios or had a session with me? Please share your feedback.

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Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

My “real life” orgasm quality and quantity has improved immeasurably since listening to your audios. With a partner, I can now orgasm over and over again  – literally an unlimited number of times, where this was not the case in my prior life whatsoever.

- Bonnie

"You were ****king brilliant! Awesome! I already texted 2 of my friends. Earlier today, I had all this pain in my neck and shoulders, and it’s just not there anymore” *


Model/Actress, NYC

“I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing at what you do. To be honest I didn’t think erotic hypnosis would work, but you are the only one out of everything that I’ve researched that actually worked on hypnotizing me and giving me some pleasurable orgasms. I’ve been frustrated for a while but your videos hit the spot. Thanks a lot for posting these!” *


East Indies

"Hi Vin,  I had the most amazing experience with a video you had on youtube. Beyond what I've ever felt before. A little personal information about me. I, like some other women, haven't been able to orgasm with intercourse. It's something I've just never been able to do, even though I've been with more than 1 partner. No one has ever made me orgasm with sex.  I watched your video a few days ago and I'm not kidding, it gets better and better each time. I've watched it about 4 times now. It's a full body orgasm. Even now, just hearing your voice in my head say orgasm now, sends me in pleasure mode. I plan on using this with the next partner I meet."

and in response to another audio I made for her and asked for her feedback and if it was better than the first video/audio:

"It was Amazing!!!!!! I did the 60 min video.  Yes. I felt a stronger and longer orgasm. It truly was whole body which has never happened before. So thank you for that!"



“Just wanted to say I shared a session with Vin yesterday and had an amazing experience. He was sweet, professional, and just mysterious enough to be intriguing. The session was extremely sensual and pleasurable, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. I didn’t expect to feel everything quite so intensely. That was definitely a very nice surprise. I really enjoyed it…REALLY REALLY did. … Vin’s voice is very calming and relaxing. I would definitely like a round two.  Thanks, Vin!! :)” *


Nurse, Maryland

"I decided to write to Vin within the early part of May of this year, I honestly thought that given my fantasy hypnosis that I wanted would be something that he would not be interested in making for me…. But I took the chance anyway and I wrote to him….

Within a very short time, he responded to me with a very positive reply and was most willing to help me not only with the fantasy, but to learn more of hypnosis as well.. After that initial letter to him, things started to really pick up.  He was making me all sorts of files, and coaching me through how to listen to them and what I needed to do to get the real effects of the hypnosis.

He has kept in contact with me, to see how things are and very willing to guide me with any questions that I may have… I never had thought that the one letter I wrote to him would have come this far.  He is very reassuring in what he is creating and knows exactly how to prepare the proper audios that really suit what I am looking for.

One thing that surprised me was of how open to new fantasies he was, not once did I feel that I was judged for what I wanted, he responded to my emails in a positive view, and when the need was there, he asked the questions that I might not have thought of, he truly knows how to get to the depth of what people are looking for.

I have found him to be the perfect voice for the audios that I was looking for and even when I made suggestions, he was more than pleased to help make sure I got exactly what I wanted in the audios in every way that he could.

I have several new audios that with his help, have guided me to fully be responsive to hypnosis, and to my fantasy, he works tirelessly on everything that he created, I could not be more happy in finding the right person to create the masterpieces that he has created.  His time that he put into each one of the audios is amazing, you can tell that they are well thought out, just not slapped together like some of the ones I have purchased online from others.

If you are thinking of using this service, I can guarantee you that he will do everything he can to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the audios that he creates for you.

You will not find a quality professional like this anywhere else… take the time to email him and don’t hesitate to be very open to share what you want in your hypnosis and or fantasy, he will not judge you for them, and to be honest I probably have the wildest fantasies that one could have… I will continue to use his service, and I know he will continue to provide quality audios for me in the future.

I wish to tip my hat to Vin, for being not only open to what I was asking for, but to also show my appreciation for everything he has done for me this far.  I could never be happier than I am now, to have what I have always looked for in my quest for erotic hypnosis.

I am a gay male, and I thought for sure that he would not be interested, in providing me with my fantasies, but again, there was never any judgement, he was pleased to provide me with what I was looking for.

You will not meet anyone that is as fair and non-judgemental then Vin..

Thank you Vin!"



"“Amazing!  The only word I can think of to describe how I felt after a session with Vin.  His sweet, smiley affect put me at ease immediately.  This was one of the most fulfilling and transformational sessions I have ever had.

It began as a normal session with Vin putting me at ease and relaxing with his induction.  We worked on thing that I had previously agreed to.  As the session progressed however, with my permission, Vin used his skill and intuition to guide the session in a direction that allowed me to receive the best, most incredible results and healing I have ever had in a hypnosis session.  His smile, confidence, and non-aggressive approach make him a remarkable person to work with (not to mention he is easy on the eyes ladies, lol).  Thank you, Vin, for what you have done for me, I can’t express in words how grateful I am.  I can’t wait to do it again and see what happens next time!!!!!” *



Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.