Is it really possible for women to learn how to have stronger, longer, more delicious orgasms from my training program? Instead of trying to convince you that yes, it is possible, let me share some feedback I recently received.

A few weeks ago, a Registered Nurse reached out to me to see if I could help her improve the quality of her orgasm. We had an initial call just to learn some more details of what she was looking for as well as what I can provide.  She’s married and hadn’t yet discussed this with her husband, so I encouraged her to do so.  She followed up the next day and let me know that he was all for it, so we scheduled our first call. Below is an email that she wrote to me two days after our first training session.  These are her words with no paraphrasing from me:

First of all, I felt great yesterday! I think I was absolutely glowing at times. I struggled through yoga class in the morning because if my eyes were closed for more than 5 seconds, a smile would start to come over me and thoughts of our session filled my head. A smile like that is impossible to contain, and even more difficult to explain!!!!

I will say that the timing of the appointment was perfect, due to the fact I had my yearly check-up yesterday as well.  My blood pressure and vitals were stellar, and I was completely relaxed throughout the whole process.  It’s probably a good thing they don’t check for endorphin levels because mine would have been off the charts, and they would have drug tested me wondering what in the world was going on! LOL 🙂

The sensual fire within me is still present as I write this today. My husband’s touch and presence are like a gentle breeze on the banked coals. Quickly they start to come alive and burn brightly again.  This is a definite plus and considering it’s been 36 hours of feeling like this…I’m loving this sexy and confident feeling.

Surprised would be one of the descriptive terms I would use about the session.  I *technically* knew it was possible. Your youtube videos made that pretty obvious; those girls weren’t faking. But never having experienced it at that level I didn’t know if I could feel anything.  Shock and disbelief still fill me when I think of the name amnesia. It was completely gone. I could not see it. And my mind could not switch gears fast enough to dig into deep memory to find it again. So good job! That was impressive!

At times I felt almost two-brained…if that makes any sense.  The conscious mind would fade in and out with its commentary. Trying to take away sensation and feeling — like it usually does reminding me of laundry that needs to be done or what we will eat the next day.   But as I let the trance take its effect, my body would take over and the feelings of pleasure returned and were able to grow.  The whole 90 minutes was a constant struggle of in and out. Control and Relaxation. Resistance and acceptance.

I especially noticed and felt this with the Tell Me game when you had me “let go of the feeling”. My mind would try to take over again at this moment. Calm would come over me and my mind would speak her words to return to normal. Like a general to her soldiers, they obeyed.

The next question would come. It was new. Fresh to my mind.  My conscious mind liked this part. Control and honesty are her favorite things. When I could honestly answer the question (and you I’m sure noticed, I had to struggle through a few of them. But I would not answer until I had decided firmly that this was my answer and I had made a decision that what I was about to say was going to be the truth).

So when I answered the question, then all of a sudden my unconscious mind jumped into full control.  The agreement was there. The unconscious mind gets to have full pleasure, and she demanded that her rights were going to be fulfilled.  My conscious mind would reluctantly release control as the wave of pleasure engulfed me.  At times it took me by surprise, that after each question, pleasure was the reward and my body was awaiting the promised goods.

Releasing the fear and accepting the feeling of freedom of the unconscious mind was liberating. Being able to do this was, frankly, was very surprising to me.

I do want to say thank you again for how careful you were with me, and how you kept my husband front & center in the conversation.  When we were done talking, I immediately went and found him. He had not seen any of my response (I told him that while he was technically invited, I would prefer that he didn’t watch as that level of performance anxiety can be a bit much for me) but he had heard a large majority of the sounds I made.  He was very tired from working and somewhat jealous of what he had heard.

I don’t know any red-blooded man who wouldn’t be jealous of sounds like that coming from his wife of which he wasn’t part of the physical process.

So I began sharing what happened. Tiredness became alertness. Fear turned into calmness. Jealousy left and trust returned. I told him about the visual of the hot tub. Feeling of his hands on my body. We giggled as we both knew that it wasn’t a fantasy. It was a time of remembering because it had happened many times in hot tubs on vacation.  I told him of how it was escalated and I climbed on top of him…in public! He began to relax then and I kept sharing.

I shared about the blue wave of ecstasy I could now move other places. I told him that it always went up, but you encouraged me to send it down – – and I was able to do it!

He listened quietly as I told him about the Tell Me game and then being able to orgasm with my eyes open. The picture you asked me to look at was from our wedding day.  But on the other side of that wall, I knew he was sitting there…and I reminded him that I knew that. I shared that I could visualize him in all his handsome glory and that it was the picture and thoughts of him that allowed me to orgasm.

He liked it when I told him about the oral sex.  How real it was when I imagined his hot cock in my mouth. Running my tongue up and down the vein and around the soft tip, enjoying the full firmness in my mouth.  He seemed quite pleased about that one.  (And yes, I told him those details!)

I will admit, inwardly, I chuckled when you asked me if you could ask me a personal question about oral sex. That is not a question I get very often, but I was honored that you were so careful and cautious to not offend.

And then, yeah.  The mental trigger of touching both of my breasts to make me orgasm.  *WOW*  Yep. He liked that(to say the least!). It was as if you imparted a secret man-code of brotherhood through my words. The sparkle and glint returned to his eyes! So much so, I could tell he was very much wide-awake at this point.

The Pièce de Résistance (of the final orgasm) required some explanation as well.  The curiosity of the conversation turned to deep passion as I shared the thoughts of his tongue on my pussy. Licking and darting, Playing and teasing. The edging…… *oh my* the edging.

I have love/hate relationship with edging (which I think you picked up on). I know I’m supposed to do it, but it just about kills me with anticipation (I do have patience issues, I’ll admit)

You said in a prior email that you hoped it would be a mind-blowing experience. And I happily concur. I would have thought that everything prior to this last experience was mind-blowing…but I was terribly wrong. I have never experienced anything like this (without a severe sudden headache and almost passing out). I have never exploded like that before.

When I told you that I wanted to cum all over his face, I meant it. I could see him there. I could feel his tongue. His hands, mentally, swung up to my breast and began to caress my nipples. The passion rose deep within me at a rate I have never experienced before. Hearing the words, “Orgasm Now” was a sweet relief but only for a split second as my body convulsed and I rode wave after glorious wave of pleasure. That was the longest orgasm and most powerful one of my life

The conversation ended about that time. I didn’t have to imagine his hands on me anymore as the kisses and caresses were actually happening. And we had a very special love-making time. Pure and sweet. Gentle. Kind. Full of romance, slow, and deeply passionate. I orgasmed over and over.  The clit was never touched, but I didn’t need it that night. I had my husband. I had his full love. I had his heart and I felt so incredibly loved at that moment enjoying every second.  And something tells me, I think he felt the exact same way. Just like the verse in Song of Songs 6:3 I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.

There is much more that I could write, but the nagging voice in my head of “don’t kiss and tell” is starting to get pretty loud. So I will leave it there.

I would like to continue in the near future. Maybe again in 2’ish weeks. I haven’t brought up the subject yet with my husband. He is very busy with work, so I’ll give it a few days.

So I don’t forget. In the future, I would like to work on edging. I know I need to let the passion build more, and while it’s a struggle for me, it’s like a good workout. Love the benefits, but have to accept the process.

Body acceptance and releasing control are also areas I know need help in.  To be very honest, my husband has told me that he would like to do more adventurous activities with intimacy. But the thought of light BDSM excites and terrifies me all at the same time.  Allowing me to explore that in a safe environment (maybe?!?!) would be helpful. I’m out of my realm of expertise here.

I know he won’t go all 50 Shades on me, but letting him be more dominating would be definitely something he would enjoy…which, in turn, give me pleasure knowing how pleased he is, and I would definitely get some positive experiences out of it as well!  LOL!

Thank you again for a life-changing and fun experience. Our marriage has already benefited greatly; in our prayer together before going to sleep last night, my husband verbally offered a prayer of praise to the Lord that we could share such sweet special times together.  And that lets me know, that he was touched in a very special way.  So, I humbly say. Thank you. I am so very grateful.