Erotic hypnosis is when hypnosis is used to guide a person to responsive state in which the goal is amplified levels of pleasure, desire, arousal and even orgasm.  While relaxation is the typical method of guiding a person into this type of state, it is not the only method.  Hypnosis is the tool – a means to an end, the end being a highly responsive state in which everything the hypnotist says can become reality for the person undergoing the experience.

While TV and movies have given many different understandings of how hypnosis works, it is largely misunderstood.  Hypnosis is NOT mind control.  While in a hypnotic state, the individual having the experience experiences a very intense state of focus – typically focus on the Hypnotist and the new reality being created through verbal description.

While experiencing erotic hypnosis, it is not uncommon to feel pleasure, arousal, desire and even orgasm at heightened levels.  Phenomena such as orgasm on command or mental bondage (feeling as if one is restrained as a result of suggestion) is very common for the majority of people open to such an experience.