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“You were ****king brilliant! Awesome! I already texted 2 of my friends. Earlier today, I had all this pain in my neck and shoulders, and it’s just not there anymore” *

Model/Actress, NYC

“I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing at what you do. To be honest I didn’t think erotic hypnosis would work, but you are the only one out of everything that I’ve researched that actually worked on hypnotizing me and giving me some pleasurable orgasms. I’ve been frustrated for a while but your videos hit the spot. Thanks a lot for posting these!” *

East Indies

“Just wanted to say I shared a session with Vin yesterday and had an amazing experience. He was sweet, professional, and just mysterious enough to be intriguing. The session was extremely sensual and pleasurable, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. I didn’t expect to feel everything quite so intensely. That was definitely a very nice surprise. I really enjoyed it…REALLY REALLY did. … Vin’s voice is very calming and relaxing. I would definitely like a round two.  Thanks, Vin!! :)” *

Nurse, Maryland

““Amazing!  The only word I can think of to describe how I felt after a session with Vin.  His sweet, smiley affect put me at ease immediately.  This was one of the most fulfilling and transformational sessions I have ever had.

It began as a normal session with Vin putting me at ease and relaxing with his induction.  We worked on thing that I had previously agreed to.  As the session progressed however, with my permission, Vin used his skill and intuition to guide the session in a direction that allowed me to receive the best, most incredible results and healing I have ever had in a hypnosis session.  His smile, confidence, and non-aggressive approach make him a remarkable person to work with (not to mention he is easy on the eyes ladies, lol).  Thank you, Vin, for what you have done for me, I can’t express in words how grateful I am.  I can’t wait to do it again and see what happens next time!!!!!” *



Hi, my name is Vin.

I’m the creator of Ecstatic Relaxation.  My background is in coaching, meditation & hypnosis.  

After making and sharing some audios and sessions for women just for fun, I kept getting amazing feedback.  I saw how my audios were not only helping women feel more pleasure in the moment, but actually helping them to improve their sexual responsiveness overall lasting well beyond the session.  I knew that I had to take it even further, and so I created Ecstatic Relaxation.  

Ecstatic Relaxation is a profound state of relaxation and responsivness in which I guide you to experience more pleasure than ever before.

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Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Specific results can’t be guaranteed.

3 Kinds of Pleasure 60 Minutes

Allow my voice to guide you to wonderful levels of pleasure – beyond anything you’ve ever experienced with an audio (and quite possibly with ‘real’ sex either) before. There’s no rush in this audio, and it’s intense.

One recent listener said about 3 Kinds of Pleasure:

“That last one you sent I couldn’t do the whole hour. I had to quit at 28 minutes because my hands are so stiff. I am shaking and my hands are having trouble typing this. That one is insane. I would love to try the whole hour but I’m not that brave yet. Thanks for sending me it.”

Length: 60 Minutes
Delivery: Online video and downloadable mp3 format
Theme: Orgasmic Pleasure
Audience: For women & men.
Tone: Minimal descriptive graphic language.
Price: $17

The Tell Me Game

Would you like to play an EROTIC game with me? Experience interactive, sensual domination, submission and ecstatic, orgasmic pleasure.  This is about control and feeling pleasure from the act of submitting.

Recent feedback about The Tell Me Game:

“Ohhhhhhhhh….The Tell Me Game was incredible.  I wanted to stop responding because my body couldn’t take any more orgasms but I couldn’t stop responding to you…funny how something so pleasurable can also be so torturous at the same time.  Very nicely done!”

“It was amazing. I can’t stop thinking about it. “

“I have a lot of thoughts on this.  Oh my god, that was so intense. I came more times in 30 minutes than I ever have.  Hell I didn’t even think that was possible, much less happening to me! That felt soooo good. I love the tell me game.  I was worried in the middle that I might not be able to orgasm again since I just kept cumming, but I couldn’t stop myself. That was… one experience I’m not forgetting. Thank you so much for that.”

Length: 37 Minutes
Delivery: Online video and downloadable mp3 format
Theme: Orgasmic Pleasure & Submission (Male Domination)
Audience: For women & men.
Tone: Minimal descriptive graphic language.
Price: $17

Tied & Pleasured

You find yourself tied up, and you can feel someone else is in the room with you.  You’re unable to move and have to accept the wickedly pleasurable touch of this person who has made you his playtoy.

One recent listener said about Tied & Pleasured:

“I was surprised to find my arms and legs moving and spreading seemingly on their own at your direction.  I felt firmly held in place as well – my legs especially.  Your files are very powerful and I wasn’t sure I could take the ramping up of pleasure.  I am currently staying in a hotel and was determined to be quiet but I’m not sure I succeeded very well.

The orgasms, when you triggered them, were incredibly powerful and euphoric.  I enjoyed your relentless nature in doling them out while at the same time wishing you would stop because I just wasn’t sure I could take anymore.”

Length: 22 Minutes
Delivery: Online video and downloadable mp3 format
Theme: Tied Up, Bondage & Domination, Pleasure BDSM, Forced Orgasm
Audience: For women only.
Tone: Moderate level of descriptive graphic language.
Price: $17

Almost There

Have you ever been to the edge and held there for a little while?  A place where the pleasure feels so good that it hurts.

It can seem like Heaven…and it can seem like Hell.  You decide.  Almost There (aka Heaven or Hell).

Recent feedback for Almost There:

“This has gone straight up on my favourites list.  Your voice takes me so deep in moments.  I’ve listened to it thrice so far and I still can’t understand how it gets better every time! In fact I’m nervous about hitting play again.  I had jolts of pleasure running all through my body with every instruction.  I was trembling and moaning and shaking. I think you’ve outdone yourself on this one.  I’m never growing over this. Thank you.”

Length: 15 Minutes
Delivery: Online video and downloadable mp3 format
Theme: Pleasure, Control, Edging, Orgasm Denial & Orgasm
Audience: For women & men.
Tone: Minimal descriptive graphic language.
Price: $17

Say Yes – Virtual Dom Session

This audio is a bit more intense than the audios I’ve released up to this point.  And, this one is FOR WOMEN ONLY.  This one is not in the bundle above.

This audio is sort of a mix of the Tell Me Game, Almost There and Tied & Pleasured all rolled into one.  

It is way more graphic and dominant than you might be used to hearing from me.  From the feedback I’ve received so far, women LOVE it.  You might find it less ‘trancey’ but more erotic.  

Length: 30 Minutes
Delivery: Online video and downloadable mp3 format
Theme: Dom/sub, Orgasmic Pleasure & Submission (Male Domination), Bondage
Audience: For women only.
Tone: Very descriptive graphic language.

Price: $17

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Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

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How does this work? Can I really orgasm just from listening?

Yes, you can! It’s all about focusing on my voice and just allowing my voice to take control.  It’s completely safe and fun.  I’m very careful, and women (and men) love all of my audios.

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