Erotic hypnosis certainly “works” for those open to experiencing it.  There are many misconceptions around this, however.  People experience everything through their own beliefs, filters and natural abilities. Since hypnosis is not mind control, a person can’t be forced to experience it.  If you are open to it, the likelihood is high that you can have a powerful experience.

Of course there are some individuals who “try” erotic hypnosis with little or no success.  This can be due to a number of factors.  First of all, you have to be open to the experience.  Resistance, conscious or unconscious, can prevent deep levels of trance in most.  

When you begin to understand how hypnosis works, it’s easy to comprehend how it is even possible.  Through simple relaxation or intense focus, you begin to enter a state of trance.  It’s very similar to daydreaming.  I often tell my clients that hypnosis is very much like an enhanced version of focused, creative daydreaming.  

Just like anything else, people have different aptitudes for entering the level of trance required to put reality aside and enter the new hypnotic reality.  With enough practice, everyone can get there.  Some just get there faster and more easily than others.

Whether or not erotic hypnosis will work for you or your partner really comes down to the state of mind you’re currently in and the abilities and experience of the hypnotist conducting the session.