The quality of our sex life is just as important for our overall well-being than other attributes that we tend to focus on more. Our sexual energy reflects in the way we walk, talk and the vibe we transmit to people around us. Yet, in today’s society, we are affected by so many limitations to expressing our sexual potential and fully experiencing pleasure.

According to studies, women are on average 35 percent less likely to experience orgasm than men. I was shocked to read this number, after all, it is our innate nature to experience pleasure in our body. There are various blocks that might hold you back from being fully orgasmic without even being aware about it, and it always starts in the mind, the number one sex organ.

During my coaching practice, I have met several women who were unable to reach their peak point until they learned how to break through their blocks. It is possible for every man and woman, including you, to discover your body’s full potential and take your sexual experience from mundane to ecstatic and pleasurable. One of my clients has reached a point in her transformation where she could have dozens of orgasms in one session of about 60 to 90 minutes which, I think, is a beautiful achievement.

Thanks to my experience with coaching, I have the chance to give guidance to single individuals and couples who wish to elevate their sexual life beyond convention and to reconnect with their body. I have created several powerful audios that improve one’s ability to build up arousal, be more responsive to sensations, and leverage this creative energy in other areas of their lives as well.

Studies have shown that the quality of a woman’s sexual life can be detected by just observing the way she walks. Once a woman learns how to focus on how she feels, she becomes more open to new experiences, starts to be less critical with herself and comfortable with her body. She will act regardless of the opinion of others. Have you ever thought about how your sexual power affects the way you carry yourself? Imagine being totally carefree in the bedroom and transmit this unbounded confidence in your everyday life to turn heads and attract the right people!

Based on several years of practice, I have discovered these five blocks that keep people back from taking control over their sexual energy. Overcoming them will allow you to have more fulfilling sexual experiences and orgasm without limits.

#1 The block of misbelief and self-doubt

Many women think that they are unable to have an orgasm because they have internalized a belief that it is not possible, or that it is not possible for them. They might give up trying or fake the orgasm to please their partners which becomes their automatic response to stimulation. Being untrue to their own body and unable to fulfil their need for sensations leaves them with the feeling of emptiness and makes them uninspired and disenchanted. This is not a good place to be.

When I see this pattern, I help my clients free up this energy by bringing awareness to the unconscious belief which makes the person hyposexual. You might have grew up in an environment that lack sexual literacy and knowledge and which taught you that sex is something we don’t talk about. This might make you unaware of your innate desires. If your body is unable to fully express its needs, it shuts down and the vital energy of sexuality gets blocked.

A gentle guidance of audios or coaching sessions can awaken these dormant forces and free the mind from its limitations. While being in a deep, relaxed state of mind, you can fully let go of these common inhibitions and invite new, positive thoughts. This will open the door for a breakthrough of feelings and sensations and the kind of pleasure and ecstasy that you may have never thought to be possible.

#2 Negative experiences in the past

Some of my clients approached me because they had negative sexual experiences in the past, and they had difficulty overcoming them. Negative experiences could range from judging their performance in bed, painful intercourse, or even sexual assault or harassment. Unfortunately, these cases are not rare and they can harm a person so much that they might become too afraid to try opening up their senses again. Heavy memories create dark spots in the mind and generate fear in order to protect the self.

However, there is a way through every block. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and compassion and we all need to treat our own bodies the way it deserves to be treated. After guiding you to a relaxed state, I can speak directly to the unconscious/subconscious mind and help you to begin to heal these wounds. No matter what you or your partner has gone through, it is always possible to turn scars into blessings and empower the mind with strength and confidence that is essential to a healthy sexual life.

#3 Shame of the body and its desires

The feeling of shame is, again, a block that only exists in the mind. Many people have grown up in a society facing all kinds of body shaming and expectations to look like one particular type of beauty or to act in a certain way in order to feel we are good enough. Do you catch yourself sometimes falling for expectations and comparing yourself to others? Believe me, being sexy doesn’t come from the way our bodies look but the kind of vibe we create around ourselves. Feeling confident and sexy and immersing ourselves in pleasure is what makes us look sexy to others as well.

Many women claim that they don’t like having sex with the lights on or in a position which exposes a part of their body to their partners that they dislike on themselves. Women and men often worry about their size or feel pressure about their performance. Paradoxically, the feeling of shame is the very thing that prevents them from wild ecstasy and from pleasing their partners as it detracts them from the experience with a lover.

Shame only exists in the left brain. Our right brain is free from judgement and distraction as it only focuses on the present moment. The mind is the number one sex organ and we can only be fully connected to our pleasure center when we are free from second thoughts and we are completely present in our bodies.

Guided experiences, audio or live sessions, have an incredible power to free the mind from any limitation it might have.  Of course, results do vary by individuals. My version of “Ecstatic Relaxation” is a proven technique that puts a person in a meditative state of mind where worries and doubts naturally melt away. It creates a safe environment for any kind of desire or fantasy and builds up arousal gradually in order to reach a point of exhilaration and even climax. Imagine it as an invisible, soothing voice that quiets your mind and a gentle guidance that creates space for new, beautiful experiences in your sexual life. Many clients often come back saying that they have never experienced orgasm of this quality before.

#4 Stress: A modern age epidemic

We are living in an overstimulated environment most of the time. There are a million different forms of information fighting for our attention: even when we have a few minutes spent waiting, we look at our phone screens or feel that we are supposed to be somewhere else. Stress is the single biggest enemy of our health and well being.

When you feel tense, your mind is in a constant fight or flight state that keeps you out of balance and drains your energy. This is what makes you ponder over past decisions which you cannot control or construct expectations of an uncertain future. All of this distracts you from being present and makes you unaware of what is happening around you.

Our senses only exist in the present moment and so sexuality only exists in the now. We must leave the planning, thinking, and worrying of the mind behind in order to surrender to the pleasure that is right within us. When our logical mind is active, our brain produces beta brain waves which focuses our attention on cognitive tasks and the outside world. Meditation and hypnosis work with our “other than conscious” parts of our minds which is why it is often effective in letting go of bad habits and creating new ones which serve us better.

My guided relaxation sessions have the ability to bring the attention back to the body and wake up muted senses. When in a safe, wonderful feeling trance, it is easier to create a positive change in the mind and elongate the time spent building up arousal: only when we are fully aware of the way we feel, can we increase this vital energy within us and experience orgasms of a higher intensity and more frequency.

Imagine teaching your mind to orgasm just from your partner saying a specific phrase or touching a specific part of your body. After your mind knows how to respond, you can create this feeling over and over again and carry it over to a more awake state as well.

#5 Desensitization of the body

Some of my clients had faced difficulty being dependent on a certain kind of stimulation while having sex. They have trained themselves to only reach orgasm with the help of a high powered vibrator or only from oral sex, and it has formed such a strong habit that they became unable to orgasm without certain physical stimulation. Others have become addicted to watching pornography and their minds then needed extreme situations in every intercourse due to desensitization.

There’s nothing wrong with giving space to natural fantasies. BUT, to have an amazing sex life, we need to be in control of our minds so that we don’t depend on only one type of stimulation. It is absolutely possible to experience hands-free orgasm with only giving gentle cues to the mind. The kind of orgasmic release that is generated by my Ecstatic Relaxation sessions and other audios I share with my clients can increase overall feeling of well-being and energy. To the contrary, orgasms that result from only masturbating to pornography or the overuse of a vibrator can create dependency, obsession, or even addiction which leaves one feeling drained.

It is empowering to become multi-orgasmic and to be able to reach a level of ecstasy regardless of the skills of your partner. It is absolutely possible for you to overcome any mental block and fulfil your natural desires in ways you could never imagine before. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to sexuality: Women can take the control and men can experience tantric sensations of pleasure with the rolling peaks that take their orgasms to the next level. Your sexual power can transform your life completely if only you learn how to use it…

You just need to take the courage to explore your innate desires and try something new that pulls you away from routine. Erotic hypnosis (audios & coaching) is a relatively new practice in the space of personal growth but a really powerful one. It can make deep orgasmic sensations happen easily and effortlessly as well as increase the overall quality of your well being. Sexuality is the ultimate life force and it is my mission to help people awaken it within themselves.

You just need to believe that it is possible and take the first step.

Reach out or try one of my erotic audios today.

Vin Charles