Ecstatic Relaxation: Hypnotic Erotic Audios & Better Orgasms for Women 

Can you imagine a feeling of pleasure so intense, so uninhibited, so ECSTATIC, that it is so POSITIVELY ADDICTIVE....just thinking about it?

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.


Explore Fantasies Safely with High Quality, Premium Hypnotic, Erotic Audios for Women

Experience premium level fantasy exploration with guided meditation style audios – embedded with hypnotic elements and binaural beats to enhance your experience.
Discover your ability to feel intense pleasure today with one of my premium, hypnotic erotic audios for women.

Improve Your Ability to Feel Pleasure & Orgasm

Many women want to learn how to have better, more amazing sex.  This all comes back to how orgasmic, confident and relaxed you are. 

Through audios and live training / coaching, I can teach you how to have stronger, longer, more satisfying orgasms. Learn more about improving your orgasms here….

Reduce Stress & Anxiety – Feel More Confident & Happy

Stress and anxiety harm your body.  Through guided meditation, visualization and hypnosis, you can learn to let go of these more easily and focus on feeling amazing way more often.

My “real life” orgasm quality and quantity has improved immeasurably since listening to your audios. With a partner, I can now orgasm over and over again  – literally an unlimited number of times, where this was not the case in my prior life whatsoever.
- Bonnie

“You were ****king brilliant! Awesome! I already texted 2 of my friends. Earlier today, I had all this pain in my neck and shoulders, and it’s just not there anymore” – Mal, NYC *

“Just wanted to say I shared a session with Vin yesterday and had an amazing experience. He was sweet, professional, and just mysterious enough to be intriguing. The session was extremely sensual and pleasurable, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. I didn’t expect to feel everything quite so intensely. That was definitely a very nice surprise. I really enjoyed it…REALLY REALLY did. … Vin’s voice is very calming and relaxing. I would definitely like a round two. ? Thanks, Vin!! :)” – Ellie, Maryland *

Have You Seen This Yet?

Disclaimer: Is everybody’s experience with my trainings this amazing?  
Many do have experiences like this one above, but for whatever reason, some people have less powerful responses.  

Some, believe it or not, have even more powerful responses.
Individual results may vary.

Explore Fantasies Safely With Premium Audios & Live Guided Meditation Experiences

Improve the Quality, Duration, Frequency & Intensity of Your Orgasms & Have Better Sex

Love Yourself Again  – Improve Your Self-Image & Increase Confidence

Experience Personal Transformation

Better Orgasms for Women

Ladies, learn how to feel more pleasure than you’ve ever imagined. *

Even if you feel you have a type of sexual dysfunction, anorgasmia (primary or secondary) or something else preventing you from amazing orgasms, I may be able to help.*  Contact me today.

Limitless Possibilities


  • Increase responsiveness *
  • Increase confidence & satisfaction *
  • Improve your sex life *
  • Release stress and anxiety *


“Holy Sh*t that was intense!”
— Lisa from NY *

“I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing at what you do.” – Anna *

Individual results may vary.

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Contact me to learn more about Ecstatic Relaxation and other services such as guided meditation, hypnosis and more.  I am located in New Jersey (just about 1 hour from NYC and Philly), and conduct both in-person individual/couple/group sessions as well as online remote sessions with video chat.

* Disclaimer: While I strive to give everyone an amazing experience, you should know that individual results vary and specific results can’t be guaranteed. The content on this website is not medical advice or psychological advice. Do not use this site as a substitute for seeing a licensed medical or mental health professional.

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